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Our management team brings together individuals with a strong background in the railway sector as well as a broader range of industrial experience. The team possesses a highly entrepreneurial management style that has enabled the Group to grow over time and to adapt quickly to the developing market. Their insight and commitment to growing the business is crucial to the long-term future of Globaltrans.

Mr Valery ShpakovChief Executive Officer

Mr Valery Shpakov<span>Chief Executive Officer</span>

Valery Shpakov became CEO in March 2016, having served as Interim CEO since November 2015. He joined New Forwarding Company, a Globaltrans subsidiary, in 2003 and has been its CEO since 2007. He is an experienced manager with a track record of over 30 years in the rail industry. He began his career in the private sector in 1999 and has held managerial positions at various companies in the transport sector. He is a recipient of the “Honoured Railwayman of Russia” award.

Mr Sergey Maltsev Chief Strategy Officer

Mr Sergey Maltsev <span>Chief Strategy Officer</span>

Sergey Maltsev was appointed Chief Strategy Officer in August 2017. Mr Maltsev has worked in the rail sector for more than 30 years and was instrumental in the development of the private freight rail market in Russia. Having co-founded Globaltrans, he then served as the Company's CEO for over a decade before stepping down in 2015. After that, he worked as Senior Vice President responsible for strategy and corporate governance at State owned railway company.
OAO Russian Railways
("RZD") and remains a board member of several RZD subsidiaries. Among other roles, Mr Maltsev was one of the founding members and Chairman of the presidium of the non-profit partnership "Council of Railways Operators Market".

Mr Alexander ShenetsChief Financial Officer

Mr Alexander Shenets<span>Chief Financial Officer</span>

Alexander Shenets has been the CFO of Globaltrans since the Group’s establishment and has more than 13 years of experience in senior finance positions, mostly in the rail sector. He is a member of the boards of GTI Management, New Forwarding Company, BaltTransServis, AS Spacecom, Spacecom Trans and Ural Wagon Repair Company, all Globaltrans subsidiaries. He holds an MBA from Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Mr Vyacheslav StanislavskyDeputy Chief Executive Officer, Head of Operations

Mr Vyacheslav Stanislavsky<span>Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Head of Operations</span>

Vyacheslav Stanislavsky joined New Forwarding Company, a Globaltrans subsidiary, as Deputy General Director for Operations and Commerce in March 2010 and became First Deputy General Director in April 2011. He has more than 30 years of experience in the rail industry.

Mr Alexander StorozhevChief Procurement Officer, member of the Board, Executive Director

Mr Alexander Storozhev<span>Chief Procurement Officer, member of the Board, Executive Director</span>

Alexander Storozhev joined the Board as an executive director in April 2013. He has worked in Globaltrans since its establishment and has held various senior railway management roles for over 20 years. He is also currently a member of the boards of GTI Management, New Forwarding Company, BaltTransServis and AS Spacecom, all Globaltrans subsidiaries.

Mr Roman GoncharovHead of Treasury

Mr Roman Goncharov<span>Head of Treasury</span>

Roman Goncharov has served as CFO of New Forwarding Company, a Globaltrans subsidiary, since 2007 and has over 13 years of management experience. His qualifications include an MBA from the Moscow International School of Business.

Mr Kirill ProkofievCEO of BaltTransServis

Mr Kirill Prokofiev<span>CEO of BaltTransServis</span>

Kirill Prokofiev was appointed CEO of BaltTransServis, a Globaltrans subsidiary, in February 2017. Prior to his appointment, he held various senior executive roles in the rail sector for more than seven years. He graduated from Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, where he majored in economics. Other qualificationsinclude an MBA in Strategic Management from Moscow’s Higher School of Economics.

Last updated: 06.04.2018