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The issued share capital of Globaltrans consists of 178,740,916 ordinary shares with a nominal value of USD 0.10 each, a certain portion of which is held in the form of Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs). The GDRs represent one ordinary share each and are listed and traded on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange under the ticker GLTR. The free float of Globaltrans amounts to approximately 55.2%1 of the issued share capital. The Bank of New York Mellon is the depositary bank for the GDR programme of Globaltrans.

Shareholder structure

Maple Valley Investments Ltd2


Onyx Investments Ltd2


Marigold Investments Ltd2


Litten Investments Ltd3


Goldriver Resources Ltd4


Controlled by Directors and management of Globaltrans


Free float1


The information in the footnotes below is based upon notifications and other information received by the Company with respect to beneficial ownership as of 23.11.2018.

(1) For these purposes, the free float consists of the ordinary shares and GDRs held by investors not affiliated or associated with Globaltrans.

(2) Konstantin Nikolaev, Nikita Mishin and Andrey Filatov are co-founders of Globaltrans and are beneficiaries with regard to 11.2%, 11.5% and 11.5% respectively of Globaltrans’ ordinary share capital each through their respective SPVs (Maple Valley Investments Ltd, Onyx Investments Ltd and Marigold Investments Ltd). 

(3) Beneficially owned by Alexander Eliseev, Executive Director and co-founder of Globaltrans. 

(4) Beneficially owned by Sergey Maltsev, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Globaltrans. 

Last updated: 17.01.2019