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As a specialist freight rail transportation group we have focused on effective route management from the very start, recognising that this was key to the success of our business. Over many years, we have built up a highly effective and reliable operational platform that guarantees our customers receive best-in-class servicing and helps drive greater efficiency and productivity across the Group.

Sophisticated logistics

Our deep understanding of managing complex logistics is key to our success. Effective route management provides ‘win-win’ situations, saving our clients time, and therefore money, while delivering productivity gains for the Group.

High fleet utilisation

Our centralised Gondola is an open-top type of rolling stock that is used for carrying loose bulk materials.

logistics system simplifies the complex task of fleet management and dispatch and helps us to maintain high levels of utilization and efficiency across our rolling stock.

Enhanced service

Thanks to our investments in rolling stock, our customers can access one of the largest, most modern fleets in the network, guaranteeing greater reliability and service quality.

Sizeable long-term contracts

Globaltrans’ long-term service contracts offer key clients tailored freight rail solutions that improve the speed and reliability of cargo off-take and reduce costs for the customer. The logistics of interconnected plants facilitates the efficient matching of inbound and outbound traffic (ore, metals and coal) thus minimising Empty Run or Empty Runs means movement of railcars without cargo for the whole or a substantial part of the journey.
Empty Runs
for Globaltrans’ gondola fleet.

Improved delivery times

Block train logistics enables effective transportation solutions for both the customer and Globaltrans. By introducing cargo or client-specific block trains all bound for the same direction, we can dispense with the time-consuming need to couple and decouple individual railcars at multiple sorting stations. This enables us to greatly increase our railcars’ average daily distance, thereby improving delivery times and rolling stock utilisation. Globaltrans uses this process widely to transport oil products and oil by rail.

Last updated: 26.12.2019