Large fleet of about 66 thousand railcars

Focus on long-term contracts with blue-chip clients

Best-in-class 24/7 logistics delivering industry leading operational performance

Best practice corporate governance and robust ESG practices

Opportunistic expansion strategy

Clear emphasis on delivering shareholder value, dividend policy aimed at distributing cash not used for expansion

Globaltrans is a leading freight rail transportation group with operations across the CIS countries. Our sophisticated logistics capability enables the Group to efficiently transport key industrial cargoes.

We operate one of the largest railcar fleets in the region, comprised mainly of universal gondola cars and tank cars.

Founded by entrepreneurs, Globaltrans has consistently been at the forefront of industry innovation and development. We pioneered many innovations in the industry, including long-term outsourcing contracts, which now form the heart of our business.

Globaltrans is the first and only dual-listed freight rail transportation group serving the CIS cargo flows. The Company has a free-float of about 56%.




Source: Globaltrans.


industrial clients

65,644 units

Total Fleet

RUB 87.4 bn

Adjusted Revenue in 2023

RUB 25.8 bn

Free Cash Flow in 2023



Last updated: 24.06.2024