The Sustainability Report which is integrated into the 2021 Annual Report has been prepared in accordance with the sustainability reporting guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Globaltrans reports economic, social and environmental activities deemed to be material and provides comparable data for most relevant indicators. The overall aim is to achieve high standards in the areas of balance, comparability, accuracy, timeliness, clarity and reliability, as defined by the GRI Standards. The structure and content of this sustainability report reflects the relevant GRI Reporting Principles.

The details within this sustainability report cover the key results and activities of Globaltrans Investment PLC and its subsidiaries in the field of sustainable development for the year ended 31 December 2021.


Procedures of identifying material sustainability topics:

Step 1. Identification of material topics

Material topics were identified through the analysis of internal regulations and media coverage, and review of non-financial reports issued by peer companies.

Step 2. Prioritization of material topics

In order to develop a broader and more fulfilled stakeholder engagement process, the Group gathered both external and internal feedback (employees, shareholders, investors, clients) on the materiality of sustainability issues for the Group.

Step 3. Preparation of materiality matrix

A materiality matrix was developed to highlight the most significant topics for the Group’s system of sustainability reporting. A validity check was also conducted on identified material topics to ensure that all of them are disclosed in the Annual Report.



Last updated: 03.02.2023