Building good, strong relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders sets the foundation for sustainable growth and, therefore, the success of any business. Globaltrans has always listened to and considered the interests of its stakeholders and is committed to maintaining an open, constructive and ongoing dialogue with all.

Through a programme of active year-round engagement using various channels and processes, we strive to improve transparency for our stakeholders and deepen their understanding of our strategy, performance and initiatives. These interactions also allow us to gather valuable feedback, opinions and expectations and, in due course, to reflect them in our business.

In terms of our day-to-day operations, Globaltrans’ stakeholders include employees, customers, investors, government and regulators and our local communities. At the Group level, we maintain ongoing contact with investors, shareholders, credit rating agencies, financial institutions and the media.

As 2021 was another year of COVID-19 restrictions and physical distancing, we continued to rely on digital communication methods.

For the second consecutive year, all client communications, investor roadshows and conferences, and the Annual General Meeting of shareholders, were held online.

During the pandemic we saw an increase in demand for information, as would be expected during any period of market uncertainty. The Group devoted considerable time and effort to maintaining close engagement with our stakeholders and we believe we made effective use of the digital format to respond to information requests.

The corporate website is the main source of information on the Company: news releases, results presentations, webcasts, current and historical financial information, market statistics, and other important data can be found there. We have a separate section on Sustainability, in light of our increased commitment and reporting on this important issue.

Stakeholder engagement mechanisms

Last updated: 03.02.2023