At Globaltrans, we believe that regular and consistent engagement is crucial for building effective long-term relationships with stakeholders. As a part of our commitment to being a responsible and trusted business, we have always strived to maintain an open, ongoing and two-way dialogue with our various stakeholders. It gives us a clear understanding of their needs, views and priorities and enables us to reflect them in our business, make better decisions, balance different interests and identify material issues, potential risks and opportunities. Through a year-round programme of active engagement using various channels and processes, we strive to improve transparency for our stakeholders and deepen their understanding of our strategy, performance and initiatives.

In terms of our day-to-day operations, Globaltrans’ stakeholders include employees, customers, investors, government and regulators and our local communities. At the Group level, we maintain ongoing contact with investors, shareholders, credit rating agencies, financial institutions and the media.

Stakeholder engagement mechanisms

Last updated: 24.06.2024