Our vision is to maintain our position as a leading independent freight rail group with operations in the CIS and to be the partner of choice for blue-chip industrial customers by continually developing our business to ensure we meet customers’ changing needs.


Our strategy is to offer our industrial customers reliable and innovative transportation solutions across the CIS aimed at achieving the cost-effective and timely management of their cargoes. We invest opportunistically to grow our business, subject to strict returns criteria, and maintain a conservative balance sheet. Together these underpin our ability to create sustainable value for our shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.

Our independence, entrepreneurial spirit, disciplined approach and focus on logistical efficiency and innovation are central to delivering this strategy. Along with our sizable modern fleet and advanced logistical platform, they form our key competitive advantages. By focusing on long-term outsourcing partnerships, we can use our deep understanding of our clients’ needs to improve our service quality whilst increasing our logistical efficiency.

We allocate our capital prudently, investing in attractive growth opportunities when they arise and returning capital to shareholders at times when such opportunities do not exist. We review both organic and non-organic opportunities subject to our strict return criteria. Maintaining a strong balance sheet is fundamental for us, ensuring we can seize the right opportunities and still remain flexible to any changes in the business or market environment.

Strategic priorities

Retain a solid business profile

  • Maintain a large modern fleet
  • Focus on long-term service contracts and blue-chip clients
  • Broaden our customer base

Deliver operational excellence

  • Continue to prioritise client focus
  • Increase efficiency wherever possible
  • Retain entrepreneurial focus on innovation and technology
  • Invest in people

Focus on opportunistic investments and pursue prudent capital allocation

  • Maintain a disciplined, return-driven approach to investment
  • Expand into new value-added niches in the freight rail market
  • Return excess capital to shareholders
  • Retain a conservative balance sheet


Promote a strong governance culture

  • Observe international governance standards
  • Maintain a well-balanced Board with strong independent representation
  • Ensure the business continues to act responsibly

We share a core set of common values across our business

Last updated: 13.05.2024